gig news from the boy who left home to learn fear we're excited to announce a tour featuring GLASS MOUNTAIN, LELO and RADIDAS along with some special guests. the bands will be visiting london, brighton, manchester and york in june. additionally, LELO will be performing a special launch gig for the brand new single 'about a journey' which is our record label's first ever release. we'll have more news about this release very soon.
leeds. june 7th / LELO, VAN HOUTEN and RADIDAS, + guests. london. june 10th / GLASS MOUNTAIN, RADIDAS, LELO. brighton. june 11th / RADIDAS, GLASS MOUNTAIN, LELO, + guests. manchester. june 12th / GLASS MOUNTAIN, LELO, CRUSH, RADIDAS. york. june 14th / GLASS MOUNTAIN, LELO, RADIDAS, MY WONDERFUL DAZE.